Powerlifting Timeline-Inzer Advance Designs, Powerlifting History poster for gym and powerlifting workout area
Powerlifting Timeline-Inzer Advance Designs, Powerlifting History diptych poster for powerlifting gym and workout inspiration

Powerlifting Timeline

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Paul Kelso is no stranger to the History of Powerlifting -- he has been around strength training for the better part of five decades as a lifter, trainer, competitor and coach. He's even made a little history himself with his "Shrug Training Principles" and the many training articles that have appeared in Hard Gainer, Iron Man Magazine and Powerlifting USA just to name a few.

Recently, Paul Kelso decided to tackle the incredible task of putting together the long history of Powerlifting. After months of research, it's finally done...

Paul Kelso's Powerlifting Timeline is a diptych set of HUGE laminated charts 36" x 24" that represents 85+ years of Powerlifting's greatest moments. If you are a student of Powerlifting you will want to have this great piece of history to put up on your wall.

This high-quality poster includes 220+ of the greatest historical moments in the history of Powerlifting. Great moments are captured forever... Have you ever wanted to know when Henry "Milo" Steinborn, a legendary strongman and the innovator for the heavy squat, arrived in the USA?

How about the year J.C. Hise gained 29 pounds in 30 days with the "squats and milk" program? ... Or When Bob Peoples became the first American to deadlift over 700 pounds? ... Or the first Junior and Senior Nationals... Or the day back in '66, when Pat Casey performed the first ever 800lb squat? ... the first 10x bodyweight total lifter ... the first official 1000 pound squat attempt ... the year of the first 700 pound bench press ... the arrival of the Gerard Trap Bar ... the year the multi-federation trend began, and so much more!

These are just a few of the hundreds of special moments captured in these unique prints.