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The Best Power Belts In The World. Inzer Forever Belts are Guaranteed FOREVER.


  • Forever Lever Belt™ 13MM
    Forever Lever Belt™ 13MM-Inzer Advance Designs, lever belt, powerlifting belt
  • Forever Lever Belt™ 10MM
    Forever Lever Belt™ 10MM-Inzer Advance Designs lever belt, lever powerlifting belts, weightlifting belt
  • Forever Buckle Belt™ 13MM
    Inzer Forever Buckle Powerlifting Belt™ 13MM - Inzer Advance Designs powerlifting belt, weightlifting belt, bodybuilding belt
  • Forever Buckle Belt™ 10MM
    Forever Buckle Powerlifting Belt™ 10MM-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting belt is also enjoyed as a workout belt and weightlifting belt worldwide
  • Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Lever Belt
    Inzer Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Lever - Inzer Bodybuilding Belt, Weightlifting Belt and Tapered Powerlifting Belt
  • Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Buckle Belt
    Forever Bodybuilding™ Tapered Buckle-Inzer Bodybuilding Belt, Weightlifting Belt and Powerlifting Belt
  • PR BELT®
    PR BELT™ - Inzer Advance Designs Powerlifting Belt, the ultimate powerlifting belt adjustability and power
  • PR BELT® New Model
    PR BELT® New Model