Privacy Policy

Inzer Advance Designs’ Online Privacy Policy

Inzer Advance Designs is committed to the protection of your privacy. The following statement will explain, in greater depth, Inzer Advance Designs’ Privacy Policy.

When placing an online order with Inzer Advance Designs, the information that we collect from you is used solely for the purpose of processing your order and servicing your account. To process your order online we need your name, email address, credit card billing address, contact phone number, credit card number and expiration date. This information allows us to process your order and provides us with a way to contact you, should we have a question concerning your current order.

After you place an online order with Inzer Advance Designs, a copy of that order is sent to you via email for your records. When you place an order with Inzer Advance Designs you may receive email from time to time announcing special sales and other general announcements of interest to our customers. Should you want to opt out of these occasional emails you may easily do so by clicking the “opt out” link at the bottom of the email or you may select do not include when you order.

Inzer Advance Designs will not sell, rent or distribute your email address to any other company or organization.

Inzer Advance Designs’ Use of Cookies. To place an order online with Inzer Advance Designs, your internet browser must be set to allow cookies, a small bit of text used by your browser to uniquely identify your computer to our web server. We use cookies to make sure that when you add something to your shopping cart it goes into your cart correctly as you selected. Most browsers accept cookies. However, if you wish, you can usually set them to reject cookies. If your browser is set to reject cookies you will not be able to submit an order online and some of the website features might not perform correctly. The cookie is set to expire as soon as you quit your browser, so when you order again you will want to accept the cookie again.