Bolt Bench Press Shirt, from Inzer Advance Designs. The World Leader In Powerlifting Belts and Powerlifting Gear
Curvilinear bench shirt sleeves create coil spring action for your best bench pressing!
Bolt Bench Shirt's under-sleeve seam for easy after-market bench press shirt alterations.
More than 5 new advances in powerlifting bench press shirt technology. Notch Tech fuses the best of all kinds of sleeves into one.

Bolt Bench Press Shirt

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Patented contours and construction deliver a massive punch to upward motion. Specialized for peak performance in Single Ply powerlifting competition. Here’s what’s new with the new Bolt:

  • Envelopes more than 5 new advances in bench shirt technology into one bench press shirt system
  • Coil Tech™ curvilinear sleeve delivers coil and recoil spring-like action
  • Grad Tech™ produces additional upward thrust through the gradual tilt inward of the sleeves
  • Notch Tech™ fuses original sleeve shape with new sleeve shape for synergistic results
  • Super constructed and reinforced collar, shoulder and sleeve seams
  • An additional seam underneath the arm for the purpose of easy after-market arm size alteration
  • Stretchy Back™ with low scoop in the back for comfort and ease of putting on
  • Official Inzer Advance Designs full color emblems
  • Bolt is Endorsed and Approved for All Single-ply Equipped competitions worldwide
  • The best of the best for when you require the peak of all Single-ply bench press shirts

Sizing of the Bolt is easy. Chest measurement in inches is the recommended size. Experienced users can go with one size smaller than chest measurement. It is strongly suggested not to go lower than one size smaller than chest size. For best performance, break-in your new Bolt slowly allowing the fresh fibers to position to your shape and bench pressing style. This preserves the Bolt for longer use and additional performance. As a highly specialized model of equipment the Bolt is made on demand. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.