Forever Buckle Powerlifting Belt™ 10MM-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting belt is also enjoyed as a workout belt and weightlifting belt worldwide
Forever Buckle Belt™ 10MM-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting belt

Forever Buckle Belt™ 10MM

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All the manufacturing quality and Forever Belt ™ action in the 10mm choice. Available in one or two prong precision buckle.

  • 10mm conforms to your body shape sooner and is considered by some to be more comfortable. 10 mm thickness is also a choice for lifting applications when a thicker belt is not needed. 
  • All Inzer Forever Belts ™ are one solid thickness of the finest, select, exclusive leather. It is not layers glued together cheaply to make thickness as some other brands that can come loose years later. There are no compromises in quality in the Forever Belt™. Plus, an exclusive Reinforced Leather™ component masterfully integrated inside your Forever Belt™ enhances the breaking-in process and ‘remembers’ your individual form as it outperforms all other belts.
  • Precision, custom, zinc plated steel roller buckle is unmatched in strength and durability, and it looks great.
  • The buckle prongs do not waver back and forth. They slide one direction into and out the selected prong hole. This makes it easy to place the prong in the hole, saving you time when getting ready to lift.
  • Four rows of lock-stitched, corrosive resistant, hi-density nylon.
  • The edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded. Rounding of the edges lessens the effective width. Therefore the complete competition legal width is maintained in the Forever Belt ™.
  • Finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface.
  • Does not turn overly soft and fold over as another brand’s belt tends to do. 
  • Conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays firmly supportive.
  • High compression riveted with the same rivets as used in the Space Shuttle program. Not bradded. Will never come loose. 
  • Tongue loop is riveted instead of sewn providing further security. 
  • Closer prong holes for more choice in precise fitting.

Black is usually kept in stock in sizes S-XXL for quicker shipping. All other colors and sizes, including smooth black, are handcrafted after order. All Tapered Belts are also constructed after order is placed. Currently please allow up to 8-12 weeks for delivery of any after-order constructed Forever Belt due to increased customer demand for the Forever Belt this season. It will be worth the wait for your genuine Inzer Forever Belt, we guarantee it!