Black Beauty™ Knee Wraps-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting knee wraps. These super torque powerlifting knee wraps are hard to put on but an adventure in knee wrap strength

Black Beauty™ Knee Wraps

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Extreme, mega performance. The correct balance of all critical attributes for the uppermost performance in extreme-force knee wraps. Warning: Black Beauties are beautiful to behold, but they're a beast to handle. Dare to take the ride!

  • The material in each pair of Black Beauty™ knee wraps is specifically engineered in the USA to be densely packed to the max with the perfect selection of the strongest quality natural cotton yarns. This results in no air pockets or ‘windows’ of non-support within the fabric itself. The internal rubber content is super high density and tightly integrated. These unique materials and their engineered construction are exclusive to Inzer Advance Designs.
  • Because of the refined structure of select cotton yarns the wrap has a smooth feel to the skin.
  • A beautifully balanced perfection of spring-back mega-power, snap, and smooth hardness.
  • Black Beauty wraps will get you wired for anything heavy, including pro-level powerlifting squats!
  • Extreme level of beastly performance.
  • For experienced power-athletes only.
  • Enjoyed and approved in Powerlifting for Multiply, Raw, and Singleply. Additionally approved for IPF competitions (as “W70” on the IPF approved list).
  • These unique wraps are so dense and tight they vibrate when you thump them!

Guide: Choosing Knee Wraps