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The T-Rex powerlifting squat suit is the premium, double-layer poly squat suit. Flared legs, Double Power Glute bands, and Velcro straps are built for wide stance, heavy competitive squats.
  • Designed with the same construction as the world renowned Predator briefs
  • Made from the super strong PGX material; the same material used in RageX bench shirts
  • Designed for medium to wide stance squats
  • The legs are flared, allowing you to push the knees out. Double Power Glute bands and Velcro straps
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Strongest double-layer poly squat suit available anywhere
    To choose your size, subtract 3 from your hip measurement. Measure Hips at the largest point around buttocks. Example: Hips 45 - 3 = size 42