PR Belt instructions

(Patent # 5,647,824)

The patented design is unprecedented, giving you the ability to micro-tighten the belt to your exact preference. And it can be instantly loosened with ease. Plus, when you follow the instructions below, the belt is simple to use.

Instructions For Wear

  1. Just wrap the belt around your waist like any normal belt.
  2. Place the leather end of the belt through the stainless steel tongue loop, then place the nylon strap through the ratchet center slot and pull snug.
  3. While holding the nylon strap tight begin ratcheting the belt and release your grasp of the nylon strap.
  4. Ratchet/tighten belt as desired.
  5. To loosen, with your middle and index finger just pull up and hold open the spring loaded ratchet safety lever. Next open (180°) the ratchet all the way until it can't open any more. At this point the nylon strap will be loose and you can open the belt by pushing out with your tummy or using your hands.