Leviathan Ultra Pro™ - Inzer Advance Designs, the best squat suit and deadlift suit, and universal powerlifting suit gear
Leviathan Ultra Pro™ - Inzer Advance Designs, squat suit and deadlift suit, color choices

Leviathan Ultra Pro™

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The King Of All Power Suits™ version Ultra Pro™! The world’s top performing Multi-ply powerlifting suit is now more powerful than ever! Experience unlimited power settings for your biggest lifts!

You can adjust your belt, shoes and wraps. Now you can quickly adjust your power suit!!!

  • The new pinnacle of Equipped performance! Lift more than you’ve ever lifted with the ease-of-use of this award winning powerlifting suit.

  • Your time is valuable. Simply lace up and you’re READY to LIFT! Quickly get in and out. Unlimited adjustability gives you complete control. Increased safety and stability.

  • Since the beginning of the sport, powerlifters have used squat suits and body supports of one kind or another to naturally increase performance and provide safety. Powerlifters have always taken time and care to get the proper fit. Now it’s easy to achieve your best fit! Experience a new level of peak performance. Experience the time and energy savings. Eliminate the need for alterations every time you gain or lose bodyweight. And when you’re ready to sell your suit or gift it to a friend, you'll more easily find a lifter to hand it off to. The new Leviathan Ultra Pro™ owner can quickly and easily calibrate and customize their own personal fit.

  • Made from specially milled top-grade canvas, in solid black. The adjustable Velcro straps have been redesigned to allow the bar to sit closer to the body when performing a squat. Perfect for both conventional and sumo deadlifting as well. Comes with individual adjustment regions to fine-tune tightness in areas as you like. Or, you can create additional tightness regions. Perfect for every form, stance and style of lifting you prefer. Detailed with black comfort trim.

  • 5 great color choices of custom-cut cords, with included cord-locks, from Inzer Advance Designs.

  • Choose your size the same way you do your Power Belt size, or use the guide in the size selection.  S through 5X sizes available. Order now and experience the Fullness of Ease and Total Power!

You Will Love Your New Leviathan Ultra Pro™, Guaranteed.