PR BELT™ - Inzer Advance Designs Powerlifting Belt, the ultimate powerlifting belt adjustability and power


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A big step forward in Powerlifting Belts! For the first time ever a powerlifting belt provides you with the safety and power to fit yourself differently each set, precisely how you need it. The new, patented PR Belt® (POWER-RATCHET BELT™) is the only powerlifting belt that gives the freedom of unlimited adjustability and precise fit.

     • Unlimited adjustability Imagine being able to fine-tune your powerlifting belt to the exact feel you want for each set. You can easily calibrate the support of the PR Belt depending on the intensity level of each set; whether it’s a warm up, a work set or maxing out. When you change your gear you need a different belt setting. Each layer of gear and clothing you put on or take off requires a slightly different fit of your belt. Easily done with the PR Belt! Wear it however you feel at any time. Holes of a buckle belt might not accommodate but the PR Belt does! The PR Belt gives you the power of selection. Just ratchet it forward or back. It’s easy!
     • Saves your energy Tightening the PR Belt is absolutely no strain. With the PR Belt there’s no need for assistance to get your belt tight.
     • It’s quick The PR Belt can be tightened to exact fit in seconds and released instantly with one simple movement.
     • Safe and Secure The PR Belt automatically locks until you manually release it.
     • Top Quality Riveted and lock-stitch sewn with corrosive resistant hi-density nylon. One solid thickness of the finest, select, exclusive leather. TIG-welded apparatus. Finished with top quality, fine suede which provides a non-slip surface.
     • Hand-crafted in the USA Patent # 5,647,824

The Inzer PR Belt and all Inzer Belts are IPF Approved, and Accepted in All Powerlifting Worldwide.

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The PR Belt is fully guaranteed against flaws in workmanship. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Two year warranty on moving parts. If you are not thrilled with your PR Belt just return it within thirty days for your choice of a full refund or exchange. Shipping charges are not refundable.