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Standard Erector Shirt™

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Designed to support the upper torso when performing the deadlift or squat. Erector Shirt™ will provide you with extra stability, balance and confidence. Can increase the overall poundage you lift and will give you an added measure of safety. 

  • Standard Erector Shirt™ is made from the same unique material used in the Standard Blast Shirt.
  • Adaptable to any lifting form.
  • Unbeatable value and lastability.
  • Will help to keep your back erect during the squat and help bring your back erect when deadlifting.

Note about Sleeved and Sleeveless Erector Shirts: Erector Shirts™ with sleeves or without sleeves are accepted in all IPF and IPF affiliated competitions. Everywhere else, both styles have remained acceptable. Sleeves provide some extra effect in the intended design while sleeveless provides the coolness and free arm feeling associated with a top with no sleeves. Either design is an excellent choice.


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