Power Pant-Inzer Advance Designs, lifting briefs

Power Pant

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Wear these for powerful boosts in squatting power and increases in other lifts as well, or for working out.

  • Power Pants can be worn under your suit during competition or as outer wear during workouts and legwork.
  • Will immediately increase your lifting poundage or increase the number of repetitions with the same weight.
  • Makes legwork, leg presses and squatting more comfortable.
  • Power Pants are made from Heavy Duty material and are built similar to the bottom half of a squat suit.
  • Can be used for the “overload principle” during lower body work.
  • Crotch seam designed to add extra support and rebound.
  • Very useful for healing of injuries and reduction of pain in the areas of lower abdominal, groin, upper leg and hips.

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