Z-Suit-Inzer powerlifting squat suit, the world's best powerlifting belts and powerlifting gear


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The legendary Z Suit provides fantastic support and excellent value. Now updated for even more power.

  • The patented Z lock secures the leg of the suit strongly so that it doesn't slip up. Other brands of suits slip, causing vertical slack in the buttocks area.
  • Symmetrical body-sweep helps prevent suit slippage over torso during the lift (a common cause of balance loss).
  • The version 4.0 Z Suit provides even stronger hip support than before.
  • More effective design and support than a competitor's "premium" poly suit at less than half the price.
  • Flex stitch on the crotch helps prevent blowouts by spreading the stress points and moving with the action of the fabric.
  • Straight zig-zag stitching as used in other brands does not do this which causes high stress points where the thread meets the fabric.
  • Z Suit, along with Champion Suit, is the longtime favorite of powerlifters worldwide.

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