Champion Squat Suit-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting gear worn under your Inzer powerlifting belt

Champion Suit

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Champion Suit has proven itself in countless powerlifting competitions over time. Enjoy the incredible support of Champion Suit at an unbeatable price and value.
  • Comfortable leg openings.
  • Strong glute support and vertical, diagonal and horizontal support.
  • The version 4.0 Champion Suit provides stronger support and more comfort than ever before.
  • The HD™ material used in the Champion suit is proven to withstand the heaviest poundages and wear.
  • Flex stitch on the crotch helps prevent blowouts by spreading the stress points and moving with the action of the fabric.
  • Straight zig-zag stitching as used in other brands does not do this which causes high stress points where the thread meets the fabric.
  • More effective design and support than a competitor’s “premium” poly suit at less than half the price.
  • Unique crotch design spreads the support along the buttocks and thigh.

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