Leviathan™ Original-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting squat suit
Leviathan™ Original-Inzer Advance Designs, powerlifting squat suit stands on its own

Leviathan™ Original

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The King of the Squat Suits worn by the Kings of the Squat. The Leviathan™ is a suit of armor that literally stands on its own.

• Heaviest Canvas materials wearable
• Best stopping power in the hole. It's like squatting to a bench to bounce from.

• The Hybrid™ design incorporates top-grade Canvas and 4" wide HardCore™ rebound side panels sewn and garment-welded together. The construction steps required to meld these different materials together into a unitary system takes hours to complete, producing results the pros trust. The thick side panels provide follow-through not seen before in stiff-material suits. You've likely noticed when squatters wearing conventional canvas suits of the past would miss a squat, it would typically stall high in the movement. The lift would very often be missed at a point so high in the squat movement that it didn't quite make sense. Those stall-outs were caused by the loss of support from canvas on the ascent just above parallel. But now something new has come. The Hybrid™ technology pushes past that previous limit by perpetuating the momentum created by the hard stopping-power of the Leviathan's top-grade Canvas. Users report they're getting 50-70 pound increases over conventional canvas squat suits.

• Tested and re-tested from prototype to the new All Time World Superheavyweight squat records
• Velcro straps for easy, unlimited adjustability of strap tightness. Velcro straps also provide increased comfort between lifts
• An added benefit of using only the best materials; the Leviathan™ is so sturdy around the waist and torso that it feels like a super wide belt
• White with black side panels. Contrasting black, soft trim.

Remember to check the rules for the powerlifting meet you plan to attend to see if double layer, canvas squat suits are permitted. Leviathan™ is recommended for experienced powerlifters trained in the use of advanced powerlifting gear.